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Glidecam 2000 pro manual

31 MB, MIME type: application/ pdf) File history Click on a date/ time to view the file as it appeared at that time. Sep 09, · I created this video to simplify the Glidecam HD Pro Manual for people who just bought or are planning to buy the Glidecam HD Pro in the future. PLEASE NOTE Since the Glidecam Pro and the Glidecam 4000 Pro are basically the same, this manual only shows photographs of the Glidecam Pro being setup and used. Handling your Glidecam HD- 7. Operating your Glidecam HD- 8. The contents of the Glidecam HD- PRO box includes the following: ( See Figure 1) MANUAL CENTER POST QUICK RELEASE PLATE CAMERA MOUNTING PLATFORM EXPANDABLE BASE PLATFORM TELESCOPING POST HARDWARE BAG COUNTER. Page 3: Please Note PLEASE NOTE Since the Glidecam HD- is essentially the same as the HD- 1000 and the HD- 4000, this manual only shows photographs of the Glidecam HD-. Glidecam_ _ 4000_ pro_ manual. The GLIDECAM SMOOTH SHOOTER Camera Stabilization System is designed to allow you to walk, run, go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles and travel over uneven terrain without any camera instability or shake, when used with the GLIDECAM XR-, XR- 4000 or GLIDECAM HD-, HDnot included).

( Glidecam HD Vs. Glidecam 2000 pro manual. Pdf ‎ ( file size: 1. 2 GLIDECAM HD- PRO PARTS AND COMPONENTS Figure 1 When you unpack your Glidecam HD- PRO you will see that some Assembly is required. Balancing your Glidecam HD- 6.

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