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You may need a PDF reader to view some of the files on this page. The EPA, in coordination with a multi- agency working group within the Federal Radiological Preparedness Coordinating Committee ( FRPCC), has made final updates to the 1992 Manual of Protective Action Guides and Protective Actions for Nuclear Incidents, referred to as “ The 1992 PAG Manual” ( EPA 400- R, May 1992). FRMAC Assessment Manual, Volume 1 iii PREFACE This Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center ( FRMAC) Assessment Manual has been prepared by representatives of those Federal and State agencies that can be expected to play the major roles during a radiological emergency. Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to: • Explain the purpose of protective action guides ( PAGs). 48 MB) ( EPA January ) This PAG Manual includes new drinking water guidance entitled “ Protective Actions for Food and Drinking Water.

See REMM page for more details on Monitoring Radionuclides in Drinking Water and Food: Routinely and After a Release; The bullets below are quoted from the EPA PAG Manual document. 3 of 1970, in which the EPA Administrator assumed all the functions of the Federal Radiation Council, CONTACT: Patricia A. FRMAC Dose Assessment Methodology as it relates to the Revised EPA PAG Manual The Department of Energy’ s Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center ( FRMAC) is an asset comprised of representatives of multiple federal agencies that are available on request to support a response to nuclear/ radiological accidents and/ or emergencies. The 1991 EPA PAG Manual • Evolved from previous editions • Included updates and revisions • Based on 1970s science • Promised Water and Recovery Phase.

However, for the most part, prior to the PAG manual release, most everyone had already incorporated this guidance. The EPA can require technicians to demonstrate their ability to perform proper procedures for recovering and/ or recycling refrigerant. Summarize recommendations for emergency worker protection described in the EPA PAG Manual. This links to the actual Manual via PDF for download produced by the Office of Radiation Programs United States EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) recently published two companion documents to the EPA’ s Protective Action Guide ( PAG) Manual that will help emergency responders prepare public communication materials prior to and during a radiological emergency.
Download the PAG Manual. I should note that this is. The PAG Manual does not set cleanup levels. 6, pages 53- 68), contain extensive guidance on this topic. Epa pag manual. From the 1992 version of the PAG Manual.

EPA, in coordination with a multi- agency working group within the Federal Radiological Preparedness Coordinating Committee ( FRPCC), is proposing updates to the 1992 Manual of Protective Action Guides and Protective Actions for Nuclear Incidents, referred to as “ The 1992 PAG Manual” ( EPA 400- R, May 1992). On December 8,, EPA announced availability of the updated PAG Manual in the Federal Register. DOE sites and facilities can still use EPA 400 as it currently exists in their emergency plans until the revised document is issued formally. PAG Document: Protective Action Guides and Planning Guidance for Radiological Emergencies ( PAG Manual) ( PDF) ( 111 pp, 2 MB) The version of the PAG Manual was developed by EPA to assist public officials in planning for radiological emergency responses and includes drinking water guidance. The historical and legal basis of EPA’ s role starts with Reorganization Plan No. The EPA also reserves the right to modify the test questions and or call for a new certification based on advancements in future technology.
2 Users Manual By: C. Thomas Coulter Air Quality Modeling Group Emissions, Monitoring & Analysis Division Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 US. The PAG Manual contains radiation dose guidelines that would trigger public safety measures, such as evacuation or staying indoors, to minimize or prevent radiation exposure during an emergency. The ESCO Institute will update this manual as necessary to keep current with EPA rulings.

As indicated in both Sections 4 and 5, many of these “ structures” are natural system- based, including both vegetation. 1 Introduction Twenty- one Structural BMPs have been listed and described in this section of the manual. The intention is to add it as a section in the Intermediate Phase chapter of the PAG Manual and reissue the PAG Manual once complete.

Milligan, NSIR/ DPR. PAG Manual: Protective Actions Guides and Planning Guidance for Radiological Incidents, EPA- 400/ R- 17/ 001 ( PDF - 1. Providing guidance to other federal agencies on radiation exposure limits was one of the responsibilities delegated to the EP\ ു upon its formation in 1970. The PAG manual is purely for planning purposes in the event of catastrophe, and it doesn’ t supplant daily radiation standards.
0 INTRODUCTION This proposal presents the protective action guide ( PAG) and planning guidance to help. • Describe the importance of incident phases in planning for emergency response. Based on the safety measures in the U. Draft PAG Manual for. DEP to Host Public Hearing Regarding Proposed Heat Recovery Center in Northampton County; ADVISORY – PHILIPSBURG – MONDAY – DEP to Host Open House on Stream Maintenance to Outline How Restore Pennsylvania Proposal Will Help.
EPA PAG Manual incorporates this late phase guidance DHS document will ‘ sunset’ when PAG Manual is finalized Planning Guidance for IND ( ) PAGs don’ t apply well after an IND Scope and scale Priority on lifesaving, avoiding acute effects Short response timeframe Unique fallout decay curve Referenced in PAG Manual. • Identify protective actions for the early and intermediate phases of a radiological incident. Included in the EPA PAG Manual. To view and download public communication resources for radiological emergencies, go to the PAG Public Communication Resources webpage. Is within this context that EPA was charged to develop the PAG Manual and associated guidance. What is the PAG Manual: Protective Action Guides and Planning Guidance for Radiological Incidents? Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) ' Protective Action Guide ( PAG) Manual', this document is applicable to all types of radiological emergencies that may necessitate the implementation of a protective action. 2 By agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA), the DHS Planning Guidance ( DHS ) published is final and its substance will be incorporated without change into the revision of the 1992 EPA Manual of Protective Actions Guides and Protective Actions for Nuclear Incidents - the PAG Manual ( EPA 1992).

Remember you can access the glossary in one of two ways throughout this course. Federal Agencies include: the. One of the recommendations in the Manual is a community involvement process for setting cleanup levels.

The EPA PAG Manual, ( Section 4. In the PAG manual, the EPA adopts the FDA guidance issued in 1998. At the beginning of this year, the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) revised and released the edition of the Protective Action Guide ( PAG) Manual, which aids public officials in preparing an emergency response plan for radiological outbreaks or attacks. “ The PAGs are developed for up to one year of exposure, ” EPA’ s Office of Water said, according to a statement provided to The Daily Caller News Foundation. EPA developed the PAG Manual to provide guidance on actions to protect the public.

• Identify methods of managing and monitoring internal exposure during the early phase. F : MANUAL OF PROTECTIVE ACTION GUIDES AND PROTECTIVE ACTIONS FOR NUCLEAR INCIDENTS Presented By The Environmental Protection Agency at NASA HEADQUARTERS date JUNE 10- II, 1998. Protective Action Guides and Planning Guidance for Radiological Incidents ii PAG Manual EPA- 400/ R- 17/ 001 LIMITS ON SCOPE This guidance does not address or impact site cleanups occurring under other statutory authorities such as. Revisions to the 1992 Manual. 6- 198 Draft - Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Manual Section 6 - Structural BMPs 6.

A significant update. The EPA PAG Manual Includes Drinking Water Guidance. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination A Guidance Manual for Program Development and Technical Assessments by Edward Brown and Deb Caraco Center for Watershed Protection Ellicott City, Maryland 21043 and Robert Pitt University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487 EPA Cooperative Agreement XProject Officer Bryan Rittenhouse.

You can select the. Received in response to the revised interim PAG manual ( ), EPA believes that this proposal will make the overall PAG document a more robust and complete tool to be used by emergency responders. NRC), the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA), the Department of Agriculture ( USDA), the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA), and the Centers for Disease Control ( CDC). Environmental Protection Agency Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards Emissions, Monitoring & Analysis Division. In January, the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) issued a revised, Protective Action Guide ( PAG) Manual. EPA- 452/ RDecember EPA- CMB8. In, EPA revised the PAG Manual to provide federal, state and local emergency management officials with guidance for responding to radiological emergencies ( 78 FR 22257, April 15, ). PAGs Website Protective Action Guides ( PAGs) help state and local authorities make radiation protection decisions during emergencies.

Section 608 technician certification doesn’ t expire, but you are responsible for complying with any future changes in the law. Sun, November 05,. In this document, EPA is announcing that it has amended Chapter 4 of the PAG Manual to incorporate guidance for radiation protection decisions concerning drinking water. This final manual was reviewed by experts from across the community and their input has been incorporated. Prior to the EPA' s January 29, 1998 Final Rule the EPA regulations had not addressed how refrigerant recovered from a motor vehicle located at a salvage yard, scrap recycling facility, landfill or other motor vehicle disposal facility could be reused after it was recovered.

The compelling factor for determining whether a site uses the ICRP 60/ 68 dose model prior to the release of the revised EPA PAG manual should be compatibility with the consequence assessment. Draft Protective Action Guide ( PAG) for Drinking Water 1. A notice regarding release of the final revision of the PAG Manual was published at 81 Federal Register 88, 679 ( December 8, ). Effective January 10,, inquiries and correspondence regarding new permit applications, reporting, and compliance matters related to sites in Armstrong and Indiana Counties should be directed to DEP' s Northwest Regional Office.

In, EPA sought public comment on a revision to the 1992 PAG manual. The PAG Manual and other applicable resources are available for download below.

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